Python Beginner Cheat Sheet

Python is a high level programming language released in 1991. It has many versions Python 2, Python 3 and we can expect Python 4 by 2023. I hope python is so popular that everyone in IT industry is somewhere having an idea of Python. So, let me share the most exciting thing about Python. As per StackOverFlow 2019 survey, Python is the most wanted language for third year in a row. In 2019, it jumped 4 level up in Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages category. You can see it yourself how demanding Python language is in the current market:

2018 – StackOverFlow Results
2019 – StackOverFlow Results

Thanks to the author for creating this cheat sheet and helping entire Python community. This cheat sheet can help us do the revision of Python concepts on the go. Lot of concepts are covered in this like lists, dictionary, loops, conditional statements, functions, classes, files, exceptions, matplotlib, django etc.

A bit more crispier version of Python Cheat Sheet

If you would like to see trends of programming languages, click on below link. This will give keep you up to date about the programming language in demand.

Below is an image to give you an idea about Python job roles, industries etc:

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