Automate Selenium/Protractor Automation  Scripts

Whenever we start learning automation, we always look for different practice websites and automate them. However, we aren’t able to get all the components and somewhere we miss practicing all of them. Keeping automation scope in mind, we have tried to include all website modules on this page. Now, you may not need to go N number of sites to do practice. This dummy components will help you in improving your skills and will help you to make sure that you don’t miss any module. Keep Learning 🙂

Below is some useful information. Please go through it once before starting automation on these modules:

  • All webpages mentioned below are tested on Chrome browser.
  • If you find any bug in any of the web page, please send us an email at [email protected].
  • Don’t run your scripts with infinite loop. If any suspicious requests are found, IP will be blocked for the same.
  • Please do let us know if you want us to develop any testing tool / library which can be helpful to whole Testing Community.


AngularJs Site

Practice / Demo Site

We have developed multiple web pages to test automation scripts be it Selenium Webdriver Scripts, QTP Scripts, JMeter Scripts etc. We have covered Sorting, Scrolling, Alert Box, Drop Down, Frames, Windows etc. These are the practice sites or we can say testing sites to assess your skills. This page is dedicated for all Website Components and Projects. If you are an expert and have automated all the above components, please try to automation AngularJs Components. Click AngularJs Site button where you will get many components to practice.