Free Machine Learning Ebooks

Below is a list of free Machine Learning Ebooks with their download link curated from different sources. There are in different formats like mobi, epub and pdf. In case, you don’t have mobi or epub reader please download it separately to view those files. I expect you must be having pdf viewer. Below mentioned books are not only associated with specific language or profile. Hope, you will find them useful in preparing for Machine Learning.

  • A Course in Machine Learning [Download]
  • Advanced Machine Learning with Python [Download]
  • Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning [Download]
  • Building Intelligent Systems – A Guide to Machine Learning Engineering [Download]
  • Designing Machine Learning Systems with Python [Download]
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python [Download]
  • Introduction To Python Programming – Beginner’s Guide To Computer Programming And Machine Learning [Download]
  • Large Scale Machine Learning with Python [Download]
  • Large Scale Machine Learning with Spark [Download]
  • Learning Generative Adversarial Networks [Download]
  • Learning NumPy Array [Download]
  • Machine Learning – Hands-On for Developers and Technical Professionals [Download]
  • Machine Learning – Jason Bell [Download]
  • Machine Learning for Developers [Download]
  • Machine Learning for Email [Download]
  • Machine Learning for Hackers [Download]
  • Machine Learning for the Web [Download]
  • Machine Learning in Action [Download]
  • Machine Learning in Java [Download]
  • Machine Learning Using C# Succinctly [Download]
  • Machine Learning with Spark [Download]
  • Machine Learning with TensorFlow [Download]
  • Mastering .NET Machine Learning [Download]
  • Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps [Download]
  • Mastering Machine Learning with scikit-learn – Second Edition [Download]
  • Mastering Scala Machine Learning [Download]
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning [Download]
  • Neural Network Programming with Java [Download]
  • Neural Networks Using C# Succinctly [Download]
  • Practical Machine Learning with H2O – Powerful, Scalable Techniques for Deep Learning and AI [Download]
  • Practical Machine Learning [Download]
  • Practical Reinforcement Learning [Download]
  • Python – Deeper Insights into Machine Learning [Download]
  • Python for Probability, Statistics, and Machine Learning [Download]
  • Python Machine Learning Blueprints [Download]
  • Python Machine Learning By Example [Download]
  • Python Machine Learning Case Studies [Download]
  • Python Machine Learning Cookbook – Early Release [Download]
  • Python Machine Learning Cookbook [Download]
  • Python Machine Learning [Download]
  • Python Real World Machine Learning [Download]
  • Quantum Machine Learning – Peter Wittek [Download]
  • Real-World Machine Learning [Download]
  • Reinforcement Learning – With Open AI, TensorFlow and Keras Using Python [Download]
  • Scala for Machine Learning [Download]
  • scikit-learn Cookbook – Second Edition [Download]
  • Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python A Test-Driven Approach [Download]
  • Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python [Download]
  • Using Python to Develop Analytics, Control and Machine Learning Products [Download]
  • What You Need to Know about Machine Learning [Download]
  • What You Need to Know about R [Download]

If you would like to list your ebook free of cost or would like to contribute, do comment or reach out to us.

Did you check Free TensorFlow ebooks? Click on the link below:

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