Introduction to Selenium Webdriver

 About Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver is a library the assists us in interacting with the web browser same as humans would do. It is capable of executing tests on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Ghost Driver and Opera deployed on any of Windows, OSX or Linux platform.

List of programming language supported for scripting is big. Some of the popular languages are Java, C#, Ruby, .Net, Python and Pearl


Java seems bit friendly to me, so in this post we will use that as our scripting weapon.

Selenium Webdriver Architecture


In simple words, initially code is written in any of the programming language using the webdriver client. It interacts with the webdriver api and finally command is sent to the browser driver wherein final action is performed.

Setting Up Java_Home

  1. Install JDK from here
  2. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable.


Value of JAVA_HOME will be the path to root directory of JDK.

Installing Eclipse

  1. Download eclipse from here
  2. You will get it in zip format, so unzip it to a locattion using 7Zip, Winrar etc
  3. To launch eclipse, navigate to the extracted directory and double-click on eclipse.exe (On Windows) and eclipse.app (On Mac)

Creating first WebDriver project

1. Create a new java project in eclipse ide
2. Give your project any name
3. Add new package by right click on created project → New→ Package
4. Give your package any name in format <<com.globalsqa.test>>
5.  Add new class file by right clicking on newly created package → New → Class
6. Give your class any name and click on Finish button
7.  Script is created java file. It’s all ready to code here
8.  Download Selenium Webdriver API from http://www.seleniumhq.org
9.  Click on download link and get latest version of webdriver api
10.  Add selenium jar by right clicking on the package → Build Path → Configure Build Path
11.  Click on Libraries tab → Add External Jar’s → Add jar from download location
12. Write your first script as below:
Thats it 🙂
You are all geared up to move ahead in the world of selenium

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