Selenium 3.0 Training

Our Selenium course is well designed and comprehensive. The sessions are organised in a way that will help students ranging from naive to intermediate level to gain expertise in Selenium. All topics are covered in detail from basics to advance level. We not only cover Selenium in our course but teach you one programming language as well. Currently, we offer Selenium Online Training with Java.

We understand the importance of being updated with the what’s going on in the market. Hence, we also conduct knowledge sharing sessions free of cost on new technologies to keep you updated everytime.

Teaching Philosophy:

The primary focus of the course is on practical implementation of the selenium automation concepts. After each session delegates would undergo practical assignments to practices the concepts learnt in the session. This would help delegates to build effective and resilient test scripts using the concepts of programming languages. The focus of the assignments is on the practical application of Selenium to resolve common web automated testing challenges.

Intended Audience:

  • The target audiences are software testers who are seeking to automate the testing of web applications using Selenium.
  • The audience might also include quality assurance practitioners, managers, or team leaders who are responsible for interacting with testers or who need to ensure that the tools are being implemented fully and appropriately
  • Software Testers who want to upgrade their skills to reach to the next level.
  • Those who are interested in learning automation using Selenium Tool.


Why Enroll with Us:

  • Professional Trainers
  • Live Training Sessions
  • Small Batches
  • Practice on Real Time Live Project
  • Life Time access to Recorded Sessions
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Mock Interview sessions
  • Assignments after every Selenium Training Session.
  • All resources like ppt, recordings, notes after every session.
  • Life Time support for your queries related to Selenium topic
  • Free E-Book for Selenium Interview Questions and Answers.

Trainer Reviews:

I attended the Selenium course and found it very informative. The trainer is knowledgeable and provided the training in a way so that it was to the point and easy to put into practice. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to begin any kind of learning in Automation Testing. – Shivangi Aggarwal(AMDOCS)
I know Raghav & he is having excellent knowledge of Manual & Automation Testing. He has also wrote many books on it. He is an expert in the areas of Manual testing, Selenium & Appium. If you are looking to go for these skills then I must recommend you to go for training here. Things start from very basics & you can also clear your concepts seperately or in other classes if it’s not clearing once. Also the trainers here are very helpful they can even help you even after training.-Chirag Gadhock (AON)

I got to know about GlobalSQA when i was googling for selenium training. i just finished my course and believe me after the training you will get the feeling that even if you dont have coding background, you can code.

the course was very detailed, full of examples and exercises. and it was a very good experience.- Naveen Verma (SAXO BANK)

Learn selenium from basics with core java which generally was not included in course content. Topics were covered in easy way. Everything required in this course was taught with detail. I would recommend learning selenium from GlobalSQA.- Prateek Katyal(HCENTIVE)

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Course Content

Java : 16 Hours

  • Introduction to Java
  • Java Setup and configuration
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Why Java for Selenium
  • Data Types, String Class, If-Else, Switch
  • Classes, Methods etc
  • Loops – While, Do-While, For, Enhanced For
  • Single Dimensional and Two Dimensional Array
  • Access modifiers
  • Function Input parameters and return types
  • All OOPs concepts
    • Inheritance
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
    • Polymorphism
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
    • Property File
    • Notepad File
    • CSV File
    • Excel File using Apache POI
  • Database Handling
  • Collections concepts
    • List
    • Map
    • Set

Selenium : 16 Hours

  • Introduction to Selenium IDE & RC
  • Introduction to 7 locators of Selenium Webdriver
  • Relative and Absolute Xpaths
  • Customized Xpath writing
  • Selenium Webdriver Jars setup
  • Handling DropDowns, Menus, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes
  • Selenium Select, Alert and Actions Class
  • Taking Screenshot
  • Drivers for Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safart, HTMLUnit etc
  • Desired Capabilities Class
  • Handling Windows, iFrames, JavaScript Alerts, WebTable
  • Selenium GRID

Automation Framework: 10 Hours

  • TestNG Unit Testing Framework
  • Maven Build Tool
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool
  • Page Object Model
  • Framework Development

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  • Weekend Batch
  • $149
  • 2Hrs Per Day
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • Weekday Batch
  • $149
  • 2Hrs Per Day
  • 3 Days per Week
  • Fast Track
  • $149
  • 6Hrs Per Day
  • 2 Days per Week