What is Calabash?

Calabash is a framework that empowers a test engineer with libraries to achieve automation on popular Android and iOS platforms. It follows Behavior Driven Development principle of which recommends to write the specifications to feature file dividing them into series of scenarios even before the development team has started to implement the application. The feature file is nothing but a plain English transcript of requirements written using the grammar of Gherkin.

Can we automate both iOS and Android apps using Calabash Tool?

Calabash is available in two flavours, calabash-android for automation on android platform and calabash-iOS for automation on iOS platform. On android platform it uses the instrumentation to perform intended actions and on iOS platform calabash.framework is embedded in the application which acts as server and responds to the commands from ruby client.

Calabash Language Support:

As of now calabash-clients stable version is available only for Ruby language and community is working to build a version which will support java in near future. This binds the tester to write their automation code only in Ruby language.

About Calabash Training

As the demand for Mobile Apps is growing, we have observed an increase in the training requirement of Mobile Application Testing Training and Automation Training. Earlier, we were providing Appium Training but now we have launched Calabash Training as well because of its high demand. Both training plays an important role in mobile automation testing.

Trainers at GlobalSQA are carrying extensive exp in mobile apps and are verified for their skills set. In Calabash Training, we will be covering advanced topics to keep you updated with the company requirements and you will be given a chance to work on a live project.


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