Linux LS Command


Usage of Linux LS Command:

This command is used to get list of files & folder at a particular path. Suppose there is a folder containing files and you want to know what all files are there in that folder we use this command. We use certain switches to get desired output.


Example1 : List all files in a folder.


Example2 : Show all the files of a directory, size, modified date and time, file and folder name and owner of file and its permission.


Example3 : View all hidden files in the folder.


Example4 : Know all files and directories in a current folder.


All files which are followed by / are directories and rest are files.

Example5 : List all files in reverse order.


Example6 : To print all files in reverse order.


Example7 : Sort the files by files size.


Example8 : List your home directory.

Example9 : List the home directory of user “Aman”.


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