Linux ECHO Command


Usage of Linux ECHO Command:

This command is very important command widely used in bash and c shells. It is used to display a line of text/string on standard output or a console.


Example1 : Input a line “Hi, this is my session 2” and display on standard output.


Example2 : Declare a variable x and assign its value let’s say 30. Then, echo its value i.e. print value of x.


Example3 : Print statement “ I Love Linux” with no space using echo.

Explanation: Usage of \b as backslash interpreter.


Example4 : Print all words of a string keeping one word in each line. Lets take string as “I Love Linux”.

Explanation: \n is used as next line interpreter.


Example5 : Print all files and folder in current path using echo command (an alternative of ls command).



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