Endorsement Framework


Endorsement Framework:

  • Validation by a second user of an action taken on a “static data entity” (e.g. Bank) by a first user.
  • Provides functionality to generate endorsement events when a User performs an action on an endorsable entity.
  • Manages endorsement events while they await approval by a User.
  • Examples of static data entities for which endorsement can be setup:
    • Bank
    • Bank User Role
    • Business Calendar
    • Participant
    • Exchange condition
    • Products
  • Endorsement activation depends on a configuration file setup:
    • Either all entities or no entities require endorsement
    • Setup is done on the level of Bank Group
  • Actions that trigger the creation of an endorsement event are:
    • Creation of an entity
    • Update to an entity
    • Activation of an entity
    • Suspension of an entity
    • Deletion of an entity
  • For each endorsement audit records, capturing the modifications made by the User, are created.
  • The default behaviour for endorsement is to hide the modified details from the user until endorsement is done successfully.
  • Each instance of an endorse-able entity has an endorsement status:.
    • Pending endorsement for Modification
    • Pending endorsement for Deletion
    • Pending endorsement for Creation
    • Pending endorsement for Suspension
    • Pending endorsement for Activation
    • No Endorsement outstanding
  • Only a single active endorsement event can be pending against an entity.



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