Website/AngularJS Modules for Automation Practice

Today, everyone is inclined towards learning automation. Therefore, tester looks for website modules and visits multiple websites for automation practice. To encounter this problem, we have come up with different website modules under one roof. We developed multiple web pages and include all website components which you may get by visiting N number of websites.

You can practice Selenium, QTP, Ranorex etc scripts on this site. Try automating all simple and complex elements mentioned in this page. And if you are able to automate them then I can guarantee that you can automate any type of website.

Below is the table for the same:


Demo Site for Practice :

Readers might feel that there are many similar websites in the market and we totally agree with that. There is one thing which makes this testing website different from other automation practice websites that is we have covered different type of components for each category. Example : if anyone clicks on AlertBox, you will find multiple type of Alert Boxes for automation practice.

Not only this, we have seen a trend of AngularJS Website these days (It’s a complete JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google). Tester started learning Protractor (Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications) to automate AngularJS Application. It seems difficult to find AngulasJS website because it can’t differentiated by looking at the site. We need to see website source code or need to install some plugin to identify whether a website is developed using AngularJS or not.

Also, it’s difficult to find AngularJS Protractor automation practice website and all modules. We have come up with different AngularJS components and projects so that no one needs to search for these modules or sites. So, learn protractor to automate AngularJS website. Below is the table showing all the AngularJS modules.

AngularJS Projects

AngularJS Protractor Practice Site :

Before starting, please go through the links mentioned above and feel free to use these components.
If you find any bug or face any issue in the website, please send us an email at [email protected]. We will certainly take it on priority. In case, you want to us to add more things or want to share feedback, do write us.

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