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PHP is the mostly commonly used language for Website and Web Application Development. It is a general purpose, server-side scripting language run a web server that’s designed to make dynamic pages and applications. PHP as a web development option is secure, fast and a reliable that offers lots more advantages to make it accessible to a lot of people. 

Below are some Recommended PHP Books for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students.



Head First PHP & MySQL –  Lynn Beighley


Head First PHP & MySQL is the good book to start learning building dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL. You can create and populate your own MySQL database tables, and work with data stored in files . Use of exercises quizzes and puzzles turns this series into bestseller. You’ll build sophisticated examples — including a mailing list, a job board, and an online dating site — to help you learn how to harness the power of PHP and MySQL in a variety of contexts.

What you’ll learn

  • Use cookies and sessions to track visitors’ login information and personalize the site for users
  • Protect your data from SQL injection attacks
  • Use regular expressions to validate information on forms
  • Dynamically display text based on session info and create images on the fly
  • Pull syndicated data from other sites using PHP and XML
  • Advanced topics like session IDs, cookies, sessions, form validation, database queries and joins, file I/O operations etc.



PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide (4th Edition) – Larry Ullman 

  • With step-by-step instructions, complete scripts, and expert tips to guide readers, veteran author and database designer Larry Ullman gets right down to business.
  • After grounding readers with separate discussions of first the scripting language (PHP) and then the database program (MySQL), he goes on to cover security, sessions and cookies, and using additional Web tools, with several sections devoted to creating sample applications.
  • This guide is indispensable for beginning to intermediate level Web designers who want to replace their static sites with something dynamic.
  • In this edition, the bulk of the new material covers the latest features and techniques with PHP and MySQL.
  • Also new to this edition are chapters introducing jQuery and object-oriented programming techniques.
  • The contents of current edition of the book were updated to correspond to version 5.3 of PHP and version 5.5 of MySQL.





Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 (Learning Php, Mysql, Javascript, Css & Html5) 4th Edition –  Robin Nixon


This book is for people who already have a fundamental understanding of HTML and are looking to create effective and dynamic websites, such as graphic designers who are already creating static websites but wish to take their skills to the next level, as well as high school and college students, recent graduates, and self-taught individuals. It provides a thorough grounding on core technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, and jQuery library.

This book will help you:
-Understand PHP essentials and the basics of object-oriented programming
-Master MySQL, from database structure to complex queries
-Create web pages with PHP and MySQL by integrating forms and other HTML features
-Make Ajax calls and turn your website into a highly dynamic environment
-Upload and manipulate files and images, validate user input, and secure your applications





PHP & MySQL For Dummies –  Janet Valade


Using this book , you can build a online catalog and members only interactive website.

You’ll learn :

  • Get familiar with the terms PHP , MySQL
  • Their installation.
  • Store data in your database and query it via PHP and display it on your Website
  • Build PHP scripts that uses up to date code.
  • See how the language and database work together to produce dynamic Web pages with less hassle.
  • Deliver secure and sound website with proper documentation.

The book is recommended for someone acquainted with nuances of programming but is new to PHP.






PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja: The Easy Way to Build Your Own Database Driven Website 5th Edition – Kevin Yank


An intermediate level book to speed up your PHP integration with database (MySQL). Through this book, you can get acquainted with best database design and principles.  It contains installation process of PHP, MySQL. Takes on an explanatory approach and helps you build your first database. Working example is used in entire book, so that new concepts learnt can be incorporated practically.  You will be creating a live web based Content Management System and a functional e-commerce system.

What’s new ?

  • Up to date: Updated for Windows 7, Mac OS X Lion, and the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, XAMPP and MAMP.
  • Latest edition of book recommends using all-in-one installation packages like XAMPP and MAMP, and moves the brittle manual setup instructions to an appendix at the end of the book.
  • Uses the more robust and portable PHP Data Objects (PDO) API and prepared statements to work with MySQL.
  • Easy-to-read HTML5 markup is used.
  • Object oriented programming (OOP) primer is introduced







Advanced PHP Programming – George Schlossnagle

The rapid maturation of PHP has created a skeptical population of users from more traditional “enterprise” languages who question the readiness and ability of PHP to scale, as well as a large population of PHP developers without formal computer science backgrounds who have learned through the hands-on experimentation while developing small and midsize applications in PHP. While there are many books on learning PHP and developing small applications with it, there is a serious lack of information on “scaling” PHP for large-scale, business-critical systems.

Schlossnagle’s Advanced PHP Programming fills that void, demonstrating that PHP is ready for enterprise Web applications by showing the reader how to develop PHP-based applications for maximum performance, stability, and extensibility.

The book covers a variety of advanced topics such as design patterns, error handling, templates, unit testing, caching, databases, performance tuning and extending the language.





PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice – Matt Zandstra


PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice shows you how to blend the power of PHP with the sound enterprise development techniques embraced by professional programmers. It goes beyond the basic programming and will elucidate advanced topics such as working with static methods and properties, abstract classes, interfaces, design patterns, exception handling, and more.

You’ll learn to

  • Write solid, maintainable code by embracing object oriented techniques and design patterns.
  • Create detailed, versatile documentation using the powerful phpDocumentor automated documentation system.
  • Gain new flexibility during the development process by managing your code within a CVS repository.



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