Echo Dot Setup


Setting Up Echo Dot




  1. Download the Alexa app from app store and sign in using your amazon account. 

You can also select a link below:

  1. Turn on Echo Dot.
  • Plug the included power adapter into Echo Dot and then into a power outlet.
  • The light ring on Echo Dot turns blue, and then orange.
  • When the light turns orange, Alexa greets you.


  1. Connect Echo Dot to a WiFi network.
  • In Alexa app, open the left navigation panel and then select Settings.
  • Select your device and then select Update WiFi. If you’re adding a new device to your account, select Set up a new device
  • On your Echo dot, press and hold the Action button. The light ring changes to orange, and your mobile device connects to your Echo dot. A list of available WiFi networks appear in the app.
  • Select your WiFi network and enter the network password (if required). If you don’t see your WiFi network, scroll down and select Add a Network (for hidden networks) or Rescan.
  • Select Connect. After your device connects to your WiFi network, a confirmation message appears in the app.


  1. Echo Dot is ready to use.
  • Your Echo device is ready for use.
  • To get started, say the wake word-”Alexa” which is default and then speak natural English commands to Alexa.
  • You can use the Alexa app to change the wake word at any time.
  • In the app, go to Settings, select  your Echo device, and then select Wake word.


If you are looking for video tutorial:


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