When to Start Automation Testing

Before the launch of a new product in the market, testing needs to be done with the intend to launch a quality product.

Initially the product should be tested for its functional aspects which should be in line with the requirements mentioned. This testing can be achieved using the Manual Technique also known as ‘Manual Testing’.

With new enhancements’ in the product, the user has to confirm the existing functionality is working correctly. To achieve this user can perform regression which can be automated using various tools & scripts as well as it can be done manually. The technique of executing the flows using some tools or script is called as ‘Automation Testing’. This is the time when product has reached its maturity level & is stable. We can then identify and automate the flows of the product. Need of an automation is required when you want to:

– avoid repetitive tasks.
– save time.
– achieve accuracy.
– reduce cost to company.
– improve coverage

Below is the brief on Manual vs Automation testing:

Manual vs. Automation Testing

Manual Testing Automation Testing
Testing which is performed manual without the help of any tool is called as Manual Testing Testing which is performed with support of tools is called Automation Testing.
It’s the starting phase of testing. Unless Manual testing is performed Automation testing cannot be started.
It’s time consuming. It’s faster since most of the time, tools are used.
Manual Testing can be used for new features to find bugs. Automation Testing can be used for regression or checking the accuracy/stability of the existing systems.
No sequencing is needed. Scripts needs to be executed sequentially mostly.
Can be performed only on a single machine or application at a time. Can be performed on multiple applications or machines at a time.
Can be achieved by mere knowledge of application. Knowledge of application as well as tool is necessary.

This topic is very briefly explained and I think that we can add many points on top of this. I would like to know about reader’s view on this, as I feel this topic can be discussed and some excellent points can come up. These points can even help testers to pitch for automation tool in their own organization if you are going to introduce automation in your company.

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