Getting Familiar with Microsoft HOLOLENS



Ever since the launch of Microsoft Hololens at inception of 2015, it has continued to amaze the world. The proposed capabilities of cool looking device had left people in awe.

What is Hololens?

It is world’s first holographic head mounted display based on the concept of Augment Reality or rather, Mixed Reality. It lets you interact with holograms within an environment such as your room, providing a truly  immersive experience.

Once you wear the device , your visual world will be over laid by a digital one, without loosing sight of original. The device has high-end sensors and trackers that detect your eye position , capture your hand movements , record and respond to your voice. For starters, you can watch videos , check blogs , open documents. It scans your view and objects and marks them as reference whenever required. You can see a new 3D world in front of you.



According to excerpt from official Microsoft site , Interacting with holograms in mixed reality enables you to visualize and work with your digital content as part of your real world. Realize mixed reality’s promise with Microsoft HoloLens.



Hololens was introduced at Windows 10 launch event earlier in 2015.

Below is a demo video from Build 2015. The demonstration was really interesting and new.


At Build 2017 , Hololens got re-introduced as it gets Motion controllers.

Price and availability

Hololens is currently available in developer version only and comes at a whooping price of $3000. A version for the masses is yet to hit the grounds.

Applications of Hololens

1. Remote Instruction

Hololens could be used for Remote Instruction purposes. Visual diagrams or models could be seen in space around the user indicating exactly what you need to do next. 


2. Entertainment


One of the most fascinating use of Hololens is Gaming. It could provide gaming experience like never before. Having a 3D immersive gaming experience at comforts of your home would be amazing.


3. Gaming

Hololens could bring virtual objects into real by overlaying them and hence, makes a great potential for Entertainment business. Users can climb mountains , explore space, go deep-sea diving , host an alien war right at their couch.


4. Training


NASA is also using Microsoft’s HoloLens to “travel” to Mars.  They hope to be able to use the technology to control future rovers and virtually explore the land around the rovers. 


5. Designing


Designing is another major area that could make use of Hololens. The device can scan an object, help you design it the way you prefer and you can watch your ideas coming to life.







Along with the traditional CPU (Central Processing Unit)and GPU (Graphic processing unit), it features Holographic processing unit or HPU, dedicated to immerse holograms in real environment.

Other specificatins include:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 64 GB Flash storage
  • Custom Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit HPU 1.0, Intel 32-bit architecture
  • Multiple environment understanding sensors , ambient light sensor and inertial measurement unit
  • See through holographic lens display with Automatic pupillary distance calibration
  • 2 MP HD camera to capture photos and videos
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Weighs 579g
  • External speakers, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Charges over micro USB giving 2-3 hour active use battery life
  • Runs windows 10




In order to allow the human interaction, 3 features are executed :

  • Tracking Gaze
  • Taking input via Gesture
  • Providing Voice support.



  • Gaze helps the device to understand the what to give information about.
  • It is equivalent to setting target. Whatever you are looking at via digital screen, Hololens understands  you are paying attention to it at the moment.
  • Once you have your item of interest locked in your gaze , you can now provide input via voice or gestures.
  • For gesture , it could be an action , such as “tap”.
  • For voice, this is done by utilizing array microphones that provides excellent voice recognition.

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