Data Science Cheat Sheet

Data Science is a profession where you need to know lot of things these days. It isn’t limited to learning Python, Maths, Machine Learning algorithms and libraries like pandas, numpy, seaborn, matplotlib etc. However, you need to be representable, you need to be confident and even few companies look for people who has knowledge of other programming languages as well. It isn’t limited to what we mentioned but if you have knowledge or experience of cloud, data engineering, UI development, API development etc. is advantageous. As a result, we call it as one of the highest paid and lucrative job in the market.

This Data Science Cheat Sheet doesn’t cover everything but i
t is good to have. As it has lot of topics in brief which will help you recall or revise concepts. Topics include:

  • Probability & Statistics Overview
  • Data Cleaning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Modeling Overview
  • Modeling Philosophies
  • Evaluation Metrics
  • Linear / Logistic Regression
  • ML Algorithms Comparison
  • KNN / K-Means / SVM / Decision Tree
  • ML Terminology & Concepts
  • Tensorflow
  • DeepLearning
  • BigData
  • SQL
  • Python
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