Functional Testing


Functional testing is executed to calibrate that a software application works well and functions appropriately according to project necessities. During this testing we usually ensure the core application process or functions, menu functions, text input and installation and setup wizards on localized systems.

As per today’s busy technical edge of business organization it becomes essential to have error-free system applications to be utilized for the business methodologies. Functional testing is the processes to check the proper functionality of the software or web application that is necessitated by the client.

Functional testing life cycle: Here is a functional testing life cycle stated down that is indeed used to be processed:-
  • Test Planning
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Case Execution
  • Error Management
  • Tracing
functional diagram

Need of Functional Testing

Functional testing is virtually necessitated for every software development, web development and mobile application project just to investigate whether the project is functioning as per the client expectations or the featured that are implemented in the same. If the project passes the functional testing then the project will act appropriately with the intended features and functions. Hence functional testing is obligatory for every technical project in order to be ensured whether the application’s features and performance are implemented as decided.

Functional Testing Service by Global SQA

  • End to end testing solutions by our expert and dedicated testing professionals who are capable to discover even the hidden errors.
  • Serve solutions that can meet to the end user functional necessities.
  • Apply regression testing to discover the errors and defects for the entire project.
  • Use and apply test metrics at the end of every functional test cycle.

Functional testing has been become a crucial part for any project testing requirement just to ensure the virtual functionality of any web application development, software application development and mobile application development. This makes sure the business individuals that the project which they assigned to any testing company is functioning in a pronounced manner to deliver the industry intended output.