Component & Unit Testing

Component and Unit testing plays a significant role for technical solutions to drive the system software and web applications in error-free environment for any business organization. Testing is a part of software development life cycle that is adopted obligatory for each and every software development and web development project to process error-free system applications.

Component testing is the testing that goes in various phases, it can be obtained by applying testing techniques on every component or module of the software development, mobile application development and web development etc.

We go through the following testing types for component testing:

  • Reusable component testing
  • Focused component testing
  • Domain Components
  • Commercial Components


Global SQA has proficient and expert team of testing that confers the vast unit testing services. We deliver our efforts for each and every module for competence bugs and endeavor to ensure not solely about each unit’s proper functionality even all over the software obligation. We process this testing by using various licensed and open source both the unit testing tools such like Nunit, Junit, TestNG and PHP unit etc. as we love to adhere the approach that build every process of the software application to meet the client requirement.

Our Services

We endues our component and unit testing services with most efficiency by code testing, bug identification, debugging etc. We serve the best testing solutions in the global market while sustaining the proficiency and deadlines to deliver our projects.

We perform the testing service by verifying each module separately as well as whole software application. Effective and emphatic component testing by the proficient software testing expert team that are committed to their work to ensure the performance and security of the software application that can function smoothly for overall performance.

Global SQA works as a leading testing service provider in the global market especially in USA. Our team of testing specialist works on huge projects and delivers the best testing service using latest and advanced testing tools and techniques. We are having a vast testing specialist staff for enduing the testing service to the business organizations and trainers to prepare future testing individuals with the use of smart testing technology.

We virtually use the latest testing techniques and apply the same over the testing projects with customize solution. Such testing techniques are: - test automation, database and platform testing, functional testing, performance testing, component and unit testing etc.