BFSI Testing Services


GlobalSQA designed its domain services such like BFSI testing service for the banking, financial and insurance organizations in order to enlarge the revenue with risk reduction and customer satisfaction. In today’s emulative edge of capital market, the imperative of BFSI has been raised to uplift the finance allied business organizations for instance insurance companies, stock agencies, commercial and retail banks etc.

Keyfacts of BFSI Testing:

  • It reduces risks and sustain the financial securities.
  • Saves the costing that affects the budgeting of the financial business organization in terms of security and business operation.
  • Retains the efficiency and efficacy of the finance organization in result to mileage the actual profit of the business organization.
  • Reduces the employee count and even burden on clients that enhances the business operation by cutting down the operation cost with the use of security software and secured web applications.

BFSI testing services are better suitable and convenient for the banking organizations, financial institutions and other capital management agencies.

BFSI testing can be implemented for the following software applications allied to banking, capital market and insurance:

  • Mobile Banking software application
  • Net Banking application
  • Money transfer software applications
  • Other customer service applications
  • Capital market software
  • Payment gateway applications
  • Insurance applications
  • Investment management applications
  • Document testing applications
  • Other validation software applications

Role of GlobalSQA for BFSI Testing

  • GlobalSQA is avowed in the global market with its broad testing center along with major testing experts who works on every style of BFSI testing projects with the assurance of necessary attributes to be applied within the financial applications.
  • We serve the best BFSI testing technology to improve the security prerequisites and cut down the risks for safe and strong business behavior and operations.
  • Our testing professionals assist you to amplify your business structure by enhancing the security necessitates in result to confer the imperious output to avail the actual performance of your business organization by cutting business operation cost and time.

GlobalSQA help you out in the most successive way and available 24/7 to serve you the best BFSI testing techniques for your finance allied software applications to rescue your business cost and number of employees and work load on the employees just to speed up your business by implementing BFSI testing gears in your financial software applications and web applications.