SSI Enrichment Process


SSI Enrichment Process:

  • If routing fails, then SSI enrichment is called.
  • Lookup SSI for routing agent + transaction currency. If no match and BIC is a branch, then lookup done on BIC8.
  • If routing fails once more, the enrichment is rolled back, and payment goes to manual repair (different Issue code than the first routing failure).
  • Specific attribute for use in default currency routing rule: PaymentTransaction.enrichedUsingSSI (this attribute = FALSE as routing criterion). Thus default currency routing rule is not applied on the ‘first pass’.


  • Data enriched.
    • Publishing Agent’s account
    • Preferred Agent’s BIC & account
    • Via Agent’s BIC & account (if available)
  • Example of “Via Agent”:
    • PublishingSSIAgentBIC: BANVDEHB (KBC Deutschland) (for CYP)
    • PreferredAgentBIC: BCYPCY2N (Bank of Cyprus)
    • ViaAgentBIC: KREDBEBB (KBC Belgium)