• R-Transaction: a Transaction that relates to another transaction, previously received, and that aims to “cancel” or “reject” it.
  • R-Transaction can be created by the system (for instance to reject a Transaction that failed a validation), or received from other parties.
  • Two types of R-Transactions:
    • Reject
    • Cancel


  • Reconciliation Service : a service that allows to find the original Transaction for a received R-Transaction.
  • Some schemes allow R-Transactions, some scheme don’t.
  • Some scheme allow several levels of R-Transaction: you can reject an R-Transaction.


  • Examples:
    • SEPA Direct Debit: R-Transaction Level 1
    • International Payments: No R-Transaction
    • NACHA: R-Transactions Level 3 (?)
  • When OPF must reject a transaction, it will “consult” custom code to determine if R-Transactions are allowed for this Transaction or not.
  • If yes, an R-Transaction is created. It will be routed and submitted as any other transaction.
  • If no, the Transaction to be rejected is “routed to a suspense account”: dead end for the transaction.




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