E-Commerce & E-Learning


E-commerce & E-learning website testing has been become a crucial factor for testing technology. Because any of single error in your website can lead your business down in term of image and business revenue. Hence, it’s obligatory to solve this problem by fixing this issue by enforcing e-commerce & e-learning testing techniques in our business projects.

Ecommerce site can stay responsive until all the features are capable to be driven in successive way. If any lack take place then it will affect your business activities cause online shopping lovers love to shop online with complete and appropriate functionality. Once your e-commerce site fails in their features or in functionality, they will stop visiting your site therefore an e-commerce site must be unambiguous and should run in a systematic way with full of functionality.

E-learning testing is implemented by the online service providers like colleges and universities that endue the online certification courses or degree programs, in-house and on-the-job training courses by the business organizations.

GlobalSQA performs the following testing techniques for E-Commerce & E-Learning:

  • General web testing
  • End to end feature and functional testing
  • End to end working flow testing
  • Payment gateway integration testing
  • Security and penetration testing

Why to adopt us?

  • We are the premier testing solutions endower that serves testing technology solutions while retaining the attributes and image of your business and its solutions.
  • We provide the world class testing service and we are not bounded with national market as we have presence in international market too with quality assurance and time budgeting.
  • We love to see long driven customer relationships with our major testing solutions in the global market as the team of Global SQA is always ready to serve the high standard testing services to build your business prominent in upcoming future.
  • We render our services in the most effective manner towards the standard output.

GlobalSQA performs their testing techniques and can better suits to your E-Commerce & E-Learning businesses cause it can detect and fix your testing issues and recaptures the spam from your web application development and mobile application development project. It can solve your business issues with the use of variant testing approaches which we adhere in the terms of web and software application testing on global level as we deal with global clients to serve optimum solutions for brand projects.